skok na glavno vebino izjava o dostopnosti


Petar Hadži Boškov was born in 1928 in Skopje, Macedonia. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana under the supervision of Prof Boris Kalin and Prof Zdenko Kalin, returning to Skopje upon graduation in 1953. He undertook further studies in Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland and England; he was awarded an English scholarship, which enabled him to complete a masterclass in London in 1959/1960. At the time, his work was successfully exhibited in London and some pieces were bought for the collections of the Grabowski and the Drian Galleries and for the private collections of Anya Linden and B. Koerner. In 1960, he joined the group Mugra in Skopje. In 1961, he participated in the first Forma viva symposium in Kostanjavica na Krki. From 1980 to 1993, he was Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Skopje. Since 2009, he has been anhonorary member of the Macedonian Academy of Science and Art (MANU). In 2010, the National Gallery of Macedonia staged a large retrospective of his work, in which more than 150 sculptures were exhibited, several of which were on display for the very first time.

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