skok na glavno vebino izjava o dostopnosti


Milena Braniselj was born on 12 August, 1951, in Ljubljana. In 1970, she finished the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana, the Industrial Design programme. After that, she worked for one year in the design department of the Brest factory. In 1971, she attended a course in sculpture at the College of Art in Bromley, Great Britain. After returning to Ljubljana, she studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design under the supervision of Prof Drago Tršar and Prof Slavko Tihec, graduating in 1977. For a shorter period of time, she worked as sculptor scenographer in the workshops of the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana. In 1979, she attended a sculpture masterclass run by Prof Slavko Tihec. She has had 54 solo shows and has participated in more than 200 group exhibitions at home and around the world. Since 1976, she has been attending symposia on sculpture in Tacen, Pula, Ruše, Ravne, Sisak, Ribnica and Lokve. Her research and work are focused on the field of mobile kinetic sculpture. Her sculptures, reliefs and mobiles are displayed in Slovenia and abroad. She lives and works in Cerknica.

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