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Gorki Žuvela was born in 1946 in Našice. He graduated in 1971 at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb in Miljenko Stančić’s class. He belongs to the first generation of artists of the new art practice (1966–1978). In 1976, he became a lecturer at the School of Fine Art in Split. In 1995, he became a senior lecturer in the Department of Visual Culture at the University of Split. Since 1997, he has been Professor of Painting in the Department of Painting at the Art Academy in Split. Since 1971, he has been exhibiting his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He creates paintings, objects and spatial installations. He also works in graphic arts and graphic poster design. He has received numerous awards and prizes. He lives and works in Split.

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 xx. stoletje / dež / 20th century / rain, 2014

600 x 500 x 600 cm

Jeklena pločevina, okrogli profili (EN 10060, 8 x Ø 81 mm, 1 x Ø 110 mm in dolžine 6000 mm) / Steel plate, round profiles (EN 10060, 8 x Ø 81 mm, 1 x Ø 110 mm, 6000 mm in length)

pred upravno zgradbo Metala Ravne / in front of the Metal Ravne administration building

The sculpture is composed of 20-mm thick steel plates resting on nine pillars – round profiles. In such a set-up, the plate turns into roof and invites the visitor to enter the space beneath. Vertical pillars carry the plane into which circles are cut. In terms of statics, nine pillars are more than enough to support the plate, so we can assume the artist’s intention was to highlight the relation between the plane of the plate and the pillars. 20th Century / Rain can be interpreted as a story about scientific inventions, aberrations and horrors, and, at the same time, a story about great achievements and technological progress in the 20th century.

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